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Second Trimester: 16 Weeks. Happy Mommy: Goodbye Morning Sickness! Healthy Baby: Baby’s Development, Flu Vaccine, and Congenital Anomaly Scan

If you’re now on your second trimester like me, congratulations mommy, we’re halfway there! No more morning sickness and you’re feeling more active, daring, and energetic as ever! Flaunt that pretty little bump!
The Second Trimester is when baby starts getting very active and busy withdevelopment. Baby is growing hair: those beautiful lashes that you’ll adore when you play “peek-a-boo” and those pretty little eyebrows and lustrous hair are starting to sprout at this stage. Baby is also practicing her reflex movements like swallowing, kicking, “punching”, and sucking. At this stage, you’re probably starting to feel those little feet kicking and jumping up and down your belly. Isn’t it the most precious feeling in the world? Baby isn’t just a little bump in your belly,you now get to finally feel your baby and interact more with her!

SECOND TRIMESTER. Pre-natal Needs: Tests and Costs, Vitamins and Supplements.

Week 13 marks the start of the Second Trimester of Pregnancy.We are halfway there! Baby isn’t just a little bump in your tummy anymore. You can now interact and play with your baby! The best part of pregnancy is finally here- no more morning sickness and you’re feeling better than ever! You are now enjoying the perks of pregnancy: Glowing skin, full and thick hair, and who doesn’t love that extra pampering and service we get from loved ones and even complete strangers!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Soothing Pregnancy Aches and Pains: Pre-Natal Massage

From aching legs and frozen shoulders to stiff necks, these are all parts of pregnancy achesPre-Natal Massage can help soothe your aching and very tense muscles and provide you with total relaxation. Pre-Natal Massage has lots of benefits; it helps reduce physical (and emotional) stress, reduce swelling, provide relaxation for mommy and baby, encourage blood circulation, and improves skin elasticity. It can also be very beneficial during labor!

FIRST TRIMESTER.Pre-natal Needs: Tests and Costs, Vitamins and Supplements.

Being a first-time mom, I sure was clueless on pre-natal care, needs, prices, and costs. Learning how to spend your money wisely and work on a budget was my first task on being a new mom.You wouldn’t imagine the costs of bringing a child into this world! So, I wanted to give myself a lot of options when it comes to choosing the proper pre-natal health care provider, hospital, medicines/supplements, and budget-friendly ultrasound or testing centers.
Pre-natal care requires a lot of tests to ensure you and your child’s health, so it’s very important that you find affordable, yet credible testing and ultrasound centers.

Adventure Day 1

Several months ago, I found out I’m having a baby! No words can express how felt when I found out I’ve been blessed with this wonderful gift.
I took two different pregnancy tests and both turned out positive. I couldn’t believe my eyes! That morning, I went to see my OB-GYN at St. Lukes Medical Center. I showed her my tests and she said, “Two tests can’t be wrong.  Congratulations, you’re pregnant!”. She requested a TVS (TransVaginal Ultrasound) and did a Pap Smear right away. I proceeded to the Women’s Health Care Unit for the test and saw my baby for the first time.
The feeling was just so inexplicable and incomparable. I saw my almost 2 month old baby’s very strong beating heart! Right then, I knew this little angel would bring so much joy to my life and I promised myself I will do my best to be the best mom  to this wonderful child.

Join my adventures! A Diary of Love for My Little Angel

Join me as I discover the very exciting and wonderful world of motherhood!
A very happy and excited mommy’s blog about her adventures and experiences on being a first-time mom. Follow me as I go through this wonderful adventure of bringing my little angel into this world.
Learn wonderful business, cooking, crafts, DIY, health, mommy, and money-saving tips from the Adventures of Happy Mommy!
Learn more about your baby’s monthly development, your increasing needs as an expecting mom, what to expect when you’re pregnant, your options in choosing the best health care provider for you and your baby, the costs of tests, procedures, and everything you’ll need to prepare for before and during delivery, costs and tips on buying affordability and quality baby needs (clothes, cribs,etc), do’s and
dont’s and foods to avoid, and everything pregnancy, mommy, and baby-related.
I created this blog as a way to help clueless, first-time moms like me find the  information and support they need during pregnancy. I also want this blog to serve as a "Diary of Love" that  chronicles my experiences on pregnancy and motherhood, for our lovely little angel (that's soon to come out!). And lastly, of course, the usual random thoughts and musings of a new mom will also be posted here.

Join me and let's share this wonderful journey through pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and parenting!

Happy Mommy

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