Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield Review

Baby Dragon turns 1 month today! Wow! How time flies! I have been exclusively breastfeeding him since Day 1 and I intend to keep at it. At day 3, baby was feeding so much that I suffered from extremely sore and cracked nipples. It breaks my heart to stop breastfeeding him just because of the pain, so I asked Daddy J to grab me some nipple shields. He got me some silicone nipple shields from Pigeon. I was so excited to test it out and had him sterilize it right away. As with everything that goes into your baby's mouth (especially newborns), you must thoroughly wash and sanitize them before every use.

It's clear, very thin, and looks like a flexible feeding bottle nipple. It has several holes on the tip, where your milk comes out. It naturally adheres to the skin and is ergonomically-shaped to fit on top of your nipple area. 
A box contains 2 13mm Nipple Shields made of Silicone and a dome-like container for the shields. It retails for P399.75 at Baby Company. If you intend to breastfeed, trust me, you will definitely need this! When we were buying baby things, we didn't realize the importance of breastfeeding aids that we neglected getting any. 

Flexible and very thin, it has a very natural feel to it. My baby didn't even have a nipple confusion and took to it easily.
Protects sore and cracked nipples, giving you time to heal.
Helps reduce the pain when pumping (I put it on whenever I pump to lessen the pain, without sacrificing the pump's efficiency).
It protects your nipples and somehow acts as a barrier that lessens the pain caused by biting or sucking (you will be so grateful for getting nipple shields when your baby starts teething).

Turns white/opaque as milk clings to the surface (can be washed off).
Wastes milk (collects leftover milk on the tip. I'd take it off and pour the leftover milk on some cotton and clean my son's face with it, or I'd put the milk on my nipples to moisturize it, or feed it to baby).
The outer part (the area covering the areola) of the nipple guard is too flexible that it bends outward, covering baby's nose. The outward bending also causes the shield to lose suction and fall off.
The silicone turns opaque after boiling/sterilizing, thus losing suction.

Mommy love meter: ❤
I give Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shields a 4 out 5 on the mommy love meter.
Despite the Cons, the shields still serve their purpose and I continually use them. It provides comfort and protection, giving me enough time to heal so I can continue direct-feeding without the discomfort/pain. Economically speaking, it is definitely a bang for your buck! Forget those expensive brands of nipple shields, this more affordable brand gets the job done.

Do you have any questions regarding the product? I would gladly answer them! Leave me a comment via the comment box or the new Facebook comments below.
*Update: January 2013

To ensure a stable milk supply, the breast/nipples must be stimulated either buy baby's natural sucking or expression. A nipple shield may keep the breast/nipples from natural stimulation, cause nipple confusion, and affect milk flow thus, can be one of the causes of a decrease in supply.

This was written when I was just starting out on my breastfeeding journey, with the little one just a month old. With the personal experience and knowledge I have acquired, I advise against using a nipple shield as it can affect your milk supply, especially during early stages of breastfeeding where you are still establishing your supply. A nipple shield may be beneficial to moms with inverted nipples as it can help "pull out" and shape the nipples.

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