Friday, September 6, 2013

10-Minute Mediterranean Pasta

The Mediterranean diet consists mostly of healthy fats and oils, nuts and seeds, vegetables, whole grains,  fish, and cheeses. I believe this is one of the easiest way to cut down on unhealthy carbs and incorporate veggies in your meals without sacrificing taste.

I won't lie, I am a carnivore. I seriously can and would eat an entire cow if it was wonderfully grilled in front me. Sorry to disappoint you, vegans, but I see cows and lambs as perfectly grilled and seared steaks. I won't be all hypocritical and tell you to eat your veggies, cut down on meat lest you die of cardiac arrest. Despite my advocacy on healthy eating and living, I will not be a moral compass of sorts. For when it comes to food, ALL IS GOOD and only greed and gluttony is evil.

Happy Meals: Quick and Healthy 10-minute Meals

In between being a hands-on mom, running a household, two businesses, a day job, and this blog, I barely have the time for anything at all. I'm no supermom and I know I can never be. I doubt I'll truly be able to strike that perfect balance between family, and pleasure for I know if there's one thing I'd truly pour all my heart into that would be my child. I'm pretty sure most moms would agree.

So anyway, a couple of months ago, someone asked me if I cook. My ecstatic response was: A LOT, I LOVE COOKING! I don't remember a time when I didn't feel excited nor passionate about cooking.

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