Thursday, December 27, 2012

Current Thoughts: Ease Your Spirit

With all the craziness of preparations for the holidays, I find this old post very apt.
(A re-post from August 3, 2012 at
The past few weeks have been such a challenge. I’ve been too stressed out that I haven’t had time to think, reflect, and re-focus on things. Today, I have decided to take some time off, relax, and reflect.

1. The world isn’t made up of one way streets.
2. Give to earn/receive.
3. Don’t (try to) do everything on your own.
4. Do not hesitate to seek help and admit weakness.
5. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Avoid unnecessary stress.
6. Practice mindfulness and meditation.
7. Appreciate. Seek happiness in the smallest of things.
8. Positivity goes a long way.
9. Live in the moment.
10. Reward yourself.
11. Be good to your self, you deserve it.
12.  PRAY.

Happy mommy= Happy baby.
A happy soul brings joy to others.
Spread peace, spread the joy, spread the love.
Have a Happy Mommy Day!
Mommies, what forms of stress, mood swings, or depression have you experienced (during pregnancy or not) and how did you cope with them? Feel free to share your thoughts.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Call for Help

It is with such heavy heart to announce an old high school friend/ batch mate's passing. She died after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl. She has no family/relatives and only has her yaya. The baby, her two other children, and yaya (who is taking care of the three) needs our help. We need breastmilk donations and other baby essentials for the baby. Yaya and the two boys need food. Donations in cash or kind for burial/cremation expenses are very much needed, as well.

My batchmates and I have set up a group on Facebook, for those who wishes to donate you may send me a message or comment. The children and yaya needs our help. The thought of the kids, especially the newborn, spending Christmas for the first time without their mother just breaks my heart. Let us give this family a chance

Newborn Diapers (madaming madami)
Feeding bottles/dropper
Cotton (Madami)
Clothes/layette set (booties, mittens, bonnet, tie side dhirts)

Vaccines: Hepa B (1st: upon birth, 2nd shot: at 1month/6wks), BCG (birth)- Available for FREE at Health centers.
Newborn Screening Test
Pedia check up

Baby bath soap (ex: Johnson's milk bath, etc)
Swaddle/lampin (pangbalot sa baby)/ recieving blanket
Mosquito net/kulambo
Bath towel
Burp cloths/lampin

Bath tub and bath support net
Changing mat (rubber mat)

Will be asking friends for breastmilk donations, but I'll need help with transportation, coolers cooling packs, and breastmilk dtorage bags (available at baby departments/baby shops at department stores & malls).

Yaya and the kids also needs food/cash.
Flowers for Donnie.
Food and drinks for burol.
Donations for other expenses.



December 17:
We need to raise AT LEAST P25,000 for her burial.
You may deposit donations via a BPI Bank personal account, which will be turned over to the organizers and yaya.
Milk donations for her toddlers (Lactum for 3 years old) are also welcome.
Those who wishes to pay their respect, please text 0916-5518744 for the address.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Hunt for the Best Breastpump

My hunt for the best breastpump started during the early stages of my pregnancy. Early on, I have set my self  into exclusively breastfeeding my child until he weans. I did a lot of research and found out about Medela, a brand that is well known among moms as a producer of top quality breastpumps. I initially wanted to get the either of the two Medela Double Electric Pumps- the Freestyle and Pump in Style.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Midnight Ramblings

It's 4:36am and I'm sitting in bed, baby boy on latch and half asleep on
my tummy. Twinkle, twinkle little star has been playing on loop since
2 am. I have been experimenting with different sounds to lull baby to
sleep. To no avail, mister-all of a sudden-turned into a light
sleeper,would wake up every 3-5 minutes, fuss,and would want to latch.
Gosh, I'm at the point of exhaustion.
I've barely slept a wink before the alarm goes off, in time for his
early morning sun bath. I just tell myself it'll only be a few more
weeks til his sleeping pattern regulates.

I'm still sitting here, nursing my little man, typing on my phone. Half
an hour ago, I was examining my hair. Contemplating whether i would
get a trim,a full cut,or a perm. I was thinking about what kind of
hair treatment i should get, and what nail polish color i would get
after that manipedi/hand&foot spa.
I was planning on the best time (while baby is asleep)to set my
much-needed salon/spa date with France this Monday. Then I suddenly
remember the new pedia is expecting us at 1 pm. Oh dear, there goes our
little mommy spa getaway.

Im starting to feel a bit bad so i'm now thinking of having a stylist
and a "manicurista" just come over. My neglected hair and nails badly
needs some love. I dont trust those nail thinggies from the salon
anyways. Who knows how well theyv'e been sanitized.
Baby just laughed in his sleep. It doesn't sound like cute baby
giggles. It was more like a grown mans laugh sans the sound. Uh oh,
the little man is up again!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wicked Wednesdays! Sip and Gogh: Paint and Sip Studios

Sip & Gogh is the first-of-its kind paint and sip studio in the country. A perfect place to be with family and friends to relax, socialize, and enjoy time painting together while sipping your favorite beverage.

Are you looking for a creative, fun, and unique activity for the family? A cozy and relaxed place to chat with friends and have a glass of wine or two? A fun and romantic date idea with that special someone? Are you an art and wine enthusiast looking for a venue to practice your painting skills while enjoying wine? Check out the newest art entertainment venue in town!

sip and gogh paint studio buffet and packages

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gone Green for the Holidays: Charlie's Soap Review

Being a mom, I am always finding ways to improve my child's life and give him the healthiest and safest living environment. I want him to grow up in a world where he'll get to enjoy all the good things life has to offer. That's why in all the products I use, I make sure they are all baby-safe and eco-friendly. We easily over-look small things such as using eco-friendly laundry detergents. Detergents can easily pollute our water resources, which is why it's is very important to choose one that won't have any damaging effects on the environment.
The good news? We now have Charlie's Soap! A safe, non-toxic, biodegradable soap that's safe for babies, hypoallergenic, and best of all- ECONOMICAL! 

Charlie's Soap is an American brand that has been around since 1976. Their products are all made with coconut oil base and contain pure, highest grade, completely soluble, Green River, WY soda ash (washing soda). Their soap formulas have been fully tested for non-toxicity (Duke University) and biodegradability (Japan Food Research Labs) and effectiveness (SGS US Testing Labs).

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Giveaway Winners

Since the first set of winners for the Bug and Kelly giveaway did not contact me, I picked a new set. Congratulations, moms!

And the winner for the In the Crib giveaway is,,,


Please send me an email or a message on the Facebook page with your name, complete shipping address, and contact number.

Thank you all for joining!

Crumbs and Grubs Giveaway Winners


Since there are only 12 winners, first 3 winners to comment on the three blogs, Happy Mommy Adventures, Bebengusms, and Mom in Duty gets another 20% off voucher! 1 comment per blog, first comment gets the voucher.

To claim your prizes, please send a message to Crumbs and Grubs' Facebook Page or 0916-5518744. 

*Vouchers can be availed separately.
Valid until December 15, 2012.
For online/text orders only.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas Countdown Giveaway


Pigeon Silicone Nipple Shield Review

Baby Dragon turns 1 month today! Wow! How time flies! I have been exclusively breastfeeding him since Day 1 and I intend to keep at it. At day 3, baby was feeding so much that I suffered from extremely sore and cracked nipples. It breaks my heart to stop breastfeeding him just because of the pain, so I asked Daddy J to grab me some nipple shields. He got me some silicone nipple shields from Pigeon. I was so excited to test it out and had him sterilize it right away. As with everything that goes into your baby's mouth (especially newborns), you must thoroughly wash and sanitize them before every use.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Bitten by the Music Bug! Bug and Kelly Winners

Have you been Bitten by the Music Bug???
Well, these moms surely have and Christmas have started for these lucky babies and moms! 
Please send me an email with your complete shipping address, contact details, and shirt of your choice. 

Thank you Bug and Kelly Kidswear for these awesome shirts!
For Boys: Please Don't Stop the Music.(In white, black, and red).

For Girls: Rolling in the Deep.

For Girls: Strawberry Fields Forever

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Baby Blues: Breastfeeding and Lactation Cookies

My little man is turning a month old in less than a week! I have only been breastfeeding him for 3 weeks yet I have started to feel the pressure that most breastfeeding moms do. It really isn't all rainbows and butterflies, I have realized it just now. There's the late night feedings, the on-demand feedings (this is especially hard when you're working), pump failures, and cracked nipples resulting from improper latching, among others. It's so heartbreaking to hear your baby cry as he asks to be fed when you're in the middle of a very arduous task or when you can barely get up in the middle of the night or during daytime when you haven't had a single wink. Nowadays, a 4-hour sleep is considered a luxury. Despite all these, nothing compares to the bond it creates between mother and child. The countless benefits of breastfeeding makes it all even more worth it.

When I was pregnant, the idea of breastfeeding was something very exciting for me. I started preparing myself so I can successfully breastfeed my child early on in pregnancy. One of the ways I did this was by consuming Lactation Cookies from Crumbs and Grubs. I also consumed these cookies as a healthy and nutritious option to satisfy my pregnant cravings/snacking. (See Article: Proper Diet and Healthy Snacks for Expecting Moms)

What are Lactation Cookies, exactly? Remember how older folks and your doctor would tell you to always include soup and malunggay in your meals to help with your milk supply? I know most moms don't have the time to make soup or can't stomach the bitter taste of malunggay. That's where Lactation Cookies comes in.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Teaching Your Baby Sign Language (A Guest Post)

Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

Many parents who are interested in supporting their child’s development use baby sign language from the age of eight months and sometimes even earlier. This is the time where their babies become more active and more entwined with the different sounds, symbols, as well as hand gestures they see. There may be no assurance that your children will learn immediately but they will certainly keep a part of this experience and learn from it in due time.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good Taste, Great Pairings with San Miguel Lifestyle Brews

With the holidays fast approaching and our little man's first Christmas, I can't help but dream about the extra special and magical feasts we'll be having this season. "Tis the season to be jolly!" As they always say; with such joyous moments come celebrations, and with us, whenever a celebration is called for, there's always that special wine or a bottle or two of beer to commemorate the event.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

12 Months of Baby: An Early 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

Moms and dads, ninongs and ninangs, are you looking for a unique gift for your little ones this Christmas? 
Here's a great Christmas gift idea: Cool and Unique Onesies and Statement Tees for babies and toddlers from a mommy-owned local company called In the Crib.
Pretty Printed Top and Pants

Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Liebster Award Nomination!

10/26/12 3:46 PM
Philippines Time

(I wrote this as I was waiting to go into active labor. Unfortunately, I never got to finish and post it until today. Apologies to Kim for the late response.)

So I was just browsing around online while waiting for another wave of contractions (masochist, eh? nah, just extremely excited!), when I decided to creep up on Mommy Kim's Site. I got nominated for a Liebster Award! Yay! I know that Lieb means love or dear in German but, I haven't heard of the Liebster Award 'til now. I'm guessing it means someone likes what I do, wooo, I am ecstatic! :D

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Baby Talk: Calming and Understanding Your Baby with Baby Language

As all new parents would say, the first few days, weeks, or months with your baby could be a bittersweet mix of pure bliss and insanity. Holding your baby for the first time, bringing him home, and sharing his "firsts" is such a precious moment for parents. Then there's the sleepless nights, endless crying, and (if you're a breastfeeding mom like me) the on-demand feeding.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dealing with Contractions and Pain during Labor and Childbirth the Natural Way


Just last week, we welcomed our dearest little boy into the world. My childbirth experience was not as difficult nor as scary as others described it would be. I welcomed the birth of my son in a calm, collected, and relaxed manner. At 9:30 am, I started to go into early labor, with my mucus plug & bloody show coming out along with slight contractions. I breezed through the first few hours of early labor and did my usual tasks (I was even able to mop, disinfect, and wax the floors and do other chores).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Bonding with Baby

We're nearly there! As I'm working on managing contractions, I make sure I still get to bond with baby and monitor his health. I'm using this nifty little device to monitor baby's heartbeat while dealing with contractions. My very own Doppler! :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Playing the Waiting Game

Today we are 38 weeks and 5 days.

Ever since we turned 37 weeks, I've been anxiously and excitedly waiting for the contractions to come so we can finally get to hold the little one. Playing the waiting game isn't as easy when you're as excited as I am. The past few months, flew by so quickly! Thank you, sweetheart, for being such a good boy and never giving mommy a hard time.

So, I've been doing exercises the past few days (okay, I admit, I haven't been able to walk and work out much as I've been very busy with other things). My OB also prescribed me with Evening Primrose Oil (1000mg capsules) which would help with the "ripening" of the cervix. I am so close to the point of desperation that I've been thinking of getting a foot massage. Well, it's for the contractions and indulgence as well, haha.

I'm getting more restless by the day, since this is my first pregnancy. I guess I'm just getting a bit bored, as well. All his things have been prepared and laid out. Hospital bag and everything is in place. It's just the little sunshine we're all waiting for.

I guess my little boy isn't ready, yet. Or perhaps he's still waiting for mommy to finish all I need and want to do before he pops out. Oh, my sweet little boy! Or maybe he just wants our full attention, no miscellaneous activities etc before his grand entrance. You see, I am still dealing with business matters at the moment and daddy won't be available til he comes home from his meeting tonight. So, I guess our little J is waiting for his perfect timing.

My OB also said that things will fall into place when the little one is ready. If he still wants to stay in mommy's tummy, he will, no matter what. Well, alright sweetpea. Take as much time as you'd like but, please don't go overdue or mommy and daddy will have a hard time. For now, I shall finish all I need to do and just wait and walk, walk, walk.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bitten by the music Bug! Dance and Sing with Bug and Kelly Kidswear

Last August, I chanced upon Bug and Kelly at the Belly Blessed Fest. Out of all the countless shops selling infant and children's clothing, Bug and Kelly's adorable and colorful kid's shirts and shoes caught my eye. A friend and I were having lunch and I just could not take my mind off the clothes. I instantly fell in love with them that, I cut our lunch short and (impulsively) went on a spree. I had no idea what my baby's gender was at that time so I got sets of both boy's and girl's clothes and shoes. Raquel of Bug and Kelly was there and she was like: "You're buying a lot. Are you going somewhere?" and I was like, "I'm going to give birth!". With that, we started chatting a bit and I found out more about the brand and what a very funny and nice lady Raquel is!

What I love about Bug and Kelly is that they support the local economy as their products are Proudly Philippine-made. I love that the clothes are made from 100% cotton, perfect for this very hot and humid Philippine weather. Did I mention it is owned by a couple? Now, that's a really great partnership there! I just can't wait for my little boy to pop out so he can finally wear the super adorable clothes and shoes that I got him!
Some of the stuff I bought. See the pile on the left? I am very happy!

Loved the Robot! I got several pieces of this in shirts and onesies.

Got two of this! Isn't so cute?
Notice how some of the clothes were similar to the ones I had in my "Celebration Giveaway"? They are the same ones I bought that day. It would be sad just to have them hidden in storage, since my boy can't wear them. Anyway, here are some fun facts about Bug and Kelly:

Bug & Kelly (B&K) Kids Wear is the flagship brand of Sick and Sweet Apparel and is an exciting new take on Infant and Kids Wear. It was established in August 2011 by Julio S. Hernandez Jr.(Bug) and Raquel Z. Hernandez(Kelly), a Husband and Wife tandem that loved teaching their kids about music. In one of these family jam sessions, Music Inspired Kids Wear was born! 

Music Inspired Kids Wear simply put, are Kids and Infants Graphic Tops (Shirts/Onesies) all uniquely designed with a certain song or song title that was used to inspire the design.

According to Julio and Raquel: "We take our inspiration from all genres of music, ranging from the Beatles, Aerosmith, Adelle, and even the King of Pop Michael Jackson. We keep the spirit of joy in the music of all genres and design it our own special way. Hopefully, to inspire All kids… and their mommies and daddies too!"

"B&K is definitely proudly Philippine made.  We design and conceptualized everything we produce.  Some products are completely original in either artwork or material pattern choices, and others are simply "inspired" by our fixation with pop culture...most especially music.  All our material are sourced locally for now, but we do source high quality material which sometimes may have to be imported.  What we really want to push for is local manufacturing and production.  Bug & Kelly will always be manufactured and produced in the Philippines to hopefully help support local manufacturing."

B&K products include the following:

Baby Onesies, Infants & Kids Tee Shirts, from ages 6 months to 12 years old.
Hand-made Hair Bows w/ Headband and Hair Clips
Infant Sets (Shirt/Skirt/Headband Set)
Infant Bonnets

Infant Sets.
JOAN - Available in Small(6-9M), Medium(9-12M), Large(12-18M) Php 899
You can check out other Bug and Kelly Products on their 
and get updates on Twitter:

You also would love to check them out and visit them in their bazaars:
Shop at the Fort organized by Karl Edward International (NBC Tent, Fort Taguig) - every weekend until Christmas
Zonta Alabang Pre-Christmas Bazaar (Cuenca Community Center Ayala Alabang) - Oct 27-28
Zonta Muntinlupa Bazaar (Cuenca Community Center Ayala Alabang) - Nov 3-4
American Women's Club Bazaar (World Trade Center) - Nov. 13 & Dec. 03
Global Pinoy Bazaar (Rockwell Tent) - Nov 10-11
Moonlit Bazaar (Rockwell Tent) - Nov 16-18
Mommy Mundo Bazaar (Rockwell Tent) - Nov 24-25
Zonta Alabang Christmas Carnivale (Filinvest Tent, Alabang) - Nov 24-25
SuperSale (World Trade Center) - Dec 1-5
Shop at the Fort organized by Karl Edward International (NBC Tent, Fort Taguig) - Dec 15-23

You can also purchase these adorable clothes at the following Online Shops! 
(Click on the links to go directly to their line-up)

Want more good news? We are spreading the Bug!!! Win your very own Bug and Kelly shirts!
2 Winners (1 boy and 1 girl) gets to choose their prizes!
Please Dont Stop the Music (Boy)
(White, Red, or Black)
Available for 2-3 years, 3-4 years, and 5-6 years.
Strawberry Fields Forever (Girl)
 Available for 
2-3Y, 3-4Y, 5-6Y, 7-8Y, 10-12Y

Rolling in the Deep (Girl)
Available for 2-3Y, 3-4Y, 5-6Y, 7-8Y, 10-12Y
Simply follow the tasks on the Rafflecopter below. Let's sing and dance along with Bug and Kelly Music Inspired Kidswear! Play fair and no cheating on the tasks, dearies! :) 

Have a Happy Mommy Day!


Happy Mommy

Friday, October 12, 2012

Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi

Philippine Association for Childbirth Education

Last August, we enrolled in Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi at the Ateneo Institute of Social Order. Being new parents, the class helped us prepare and understand more about breathing and relaxation techniques (lamaze), breastfeeding, childbirth, exercises, newborn care,  pregnancy, and your partner's role in your pregnancy, childbirth, and as a new parent.

Rome Kanapi's Prepared Childbirth Classes were very helpful, informative, and fun! It gave us the confidence and knowledge we needed as new and inexperienced parents. As a soon-to-be mom, it helped ease my worries regarding pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and child-rearing. For dads, it gave them a "full view" of what it's like to be pregnant. It prepared us for the upcoming days ahead: what to expect and what to do during labor and actual delivery. Rome Kanapi's classes truly empowered me as a new mom, and us as new parents.

The classes are very intimate, there are about 12 couples or less in every batch. Rome is such a nice lady. She's very accommodating and motherly. She made us feel so at ease, like we can openly discuss all our thoughts and worries regarding childbirth and pregnancy. For new parents, it feels wonderful to know that you have the knowledge and support to empower you as first-time parents.

Rome Kanapi's Prepared Childbirth Classes are held every Sunday at the Ateneo Institute of Social Orders, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Classes are held twice a day, morning and afternoon batch, and runs for 6 sessions. If you're interested in the classes, please note that you have to reserve a slot early on as her classes have limited slots and are always full. The classes also enables dads to be allowed with you (to coach you) in the labor and delivery room.

Rome Kanapi is a Certified Instructor from the Philippine Association of Childbirth Education (P.A.C.E).
For inquiries and reservations on Prepared Childbirth Classes with Rome Kanapi, you may call 436-1757/0917-541-5114 or email her at

Are you a current student or an alumni of Rome Kanapi's Prepared Childbirth Class? All batches are welcome to join the Page! 
Visit the Facebook Page here: 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mommy Mundo: Moms on The Floor 2012

Mommy Mundo: Moms on The Floor 2012a floor-based learning and bonding event for expectant moms and dads, and moms with infants and kids.

Mommy Mundo- the country’s go-to resource for active, modern moms is inviting moms to get on the floor this October 13, 2012, Saturday at The LOFT, Manansala Tower, Rockwell, Makati. 

Getting “ON THE FLOOR” means fitness, bonding and fun! Moms on the Floor is a floor-based learning and bonding event for expectant moms and dads, and moms with infants and kids .
Now on its third year, MOMS ON THE FLOOR, promises to be equally exciting with the three portions Mommy Mundo has prepared.

The first portion is for pregnant moms from 10:00am to 12:00nn. The portion will feature prenatal yin yoga by Dona Esteban and labor and breathing exercises by Rome Kanapi. 
Prenatal Yin Yoga by Dona Esteban
The second portion is for moms with infants 0-1 year old will be from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. The portion will feature infant massage by Rome Kanapi and mom and baby exercises by Gymboree.
Breathing Exercises and Infant Massage with Rome Kanapi. (She's our Prepared Childbirth Instructor and her talks are very helpful and informative!)
The last portion will be for moms with kids that are 1 to 6 years old from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. This portion will feature YogaKids by Michelle Aventajado and Zumba fun by Slimmers World.

Participation is free but PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED as there are limited slots available per portion. Interested husbands or partners also need to register to join the event.

To register, email your name, mobile number and which portion you will join at with subject line: MOTF REG or you may also text the info to 0917-8162524. Registered participants will get a confirmation text or email.

All Participants must bring their own mats and come in comfortable clothing. 

Moms on the Floor is co-presented by Shop Mommy Matters, Philippine Association for Childbirth Education, GlaxoSmithKline, Anmum, and Cordlife Cord Philippines. Also supported by Cycles Mild Detergent, Cradle, Philips Avent, Crystal Clear, Pigeon, Tiny Buds, Gymboree, Slimmers World and media partners Manila Bulletin, Working Mom Magazine, Smartparenting Magazine, Baby on Board, Urban Mom Magazine, Mommy Pages, Crossover 105.1 and the Lifestyle Network.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Your Pregnant Body: Stretch marks and other oddities

Pregnancy causes such drastic and HUGE changes in your life- emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically. It's important for us moms (especially new ones like me!)  to understand that these changes are all parts of our journey through pregnancy, thus we must learn to fully embrace and welcome them into our lives. 

Nothing compares to the amazing feeling of bliss from having to share your life with someone wonderfully special. Giving life, growing, and nurturing that tiny little person inside you. Even until now, I am in such awe of how I was so blessed to be able to carry this handsome little monkey in my belly for 9 months! Isn't pregnancy such an amazingly wonderful adventure?

But mind you, it's not all pretty little butterflies and sweet little prairie flowers. Pregnancy is not an easy journey! Imagine walking around with an ever-growing watermelon in your belly, having to pee every half an hour, getting acne breakouts like it's middle school, middle of the night hunger pangs, insatiable cravings, bloatedness and gasiness, morning sickness, those sometimes awkward and weird emotional moments when you just feel like bawling for no reason, and the our biggest enemy: STRETCH MARKS! 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oh, baby! Are we there yet???

Baby's Hospital Bag x Cycles and Cradle Giveaway

The fun and excitement just never stop! Less than 2 weeks until our little sunshine pops out! As I have mentioned in my recent post, so much preparations have been done these past few months for our little sunshine's arrival!

Prior to daddy and I's preparations for the Big Day, I've prepared baby's things that went into the hospital bag beforehand. I diligently checked and re-checked my lists to make sure we have everything baby will need upon delivery. I laid out all his clothes and layette sets, receiving blanket, going-home clothes, etc and prepared them for laundry, disinfecting, ironing, and further disinfecting. Yeah, by now you could clearly see how OC and extremely meticulous I am! I even hand-washed his clothes to make sure every nook and cranny is well accounted for.
Our prepared stash for the endless laundry and dishwashing duties ahead.
Since newborn skin is extremely sensitive, I used Cycles Mild Laundry Detergent to wash the little one's clothes, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and all his other stuff, which went in the bag. I really love how good it smells and how gentle it was not only on his clothes, but on my skin as well ( I have extremely sensitive skin). 

I also love that Cycles is made from environment-friendly, baby-safe, hypo-allergenic, phosphate-free, ultra mild ingredients and has anti-bacterial properties. It's specifically made for babies, so I am confident that Cycles will provide my baby's clothes and skin the same quality care it has provided thousands of Cycles babies and moms. As a first-time mom, I am very concerned about my child's health and his surroundings, as well. By using baby-safe and eco-friendly products like Cycles, I know that I am providing my baby and the environment with the best care a mother can give.
Available in 1.5L, 1kg, 800ml, 100g x 3, 250ml

Another thing about the brand which made me appreciate it more was that it was started by a mom, like me! Cycles is a brand started by mothers headed by Emily; a meticulous, loving and protective mom. Since mothers like her want to give the best personal care to their babies, Emily was prompted to form EVEolution, Inc. The company’s thrust is to become a reliable mommy partner because it understands the needs of mothers who continuously seek to provide safe, sensible and effective products to their precious little ones. Knowing that Cycles is made by moms for moms like you and I, is a very re-assuring thought.

They recently came out with a new Anti-bacterial Stain Soaker. It's color-safe and does not contain harsh chemical such as chlorine, optical brighteners, and dyes. It kills E.Coli, Staph, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa (causes Respiratory Infections), and Salmonella. Perfect for soaking baby's stained bibs, burping cloths, and cloth diapers!
Available in 500g containers and Stain Pretreater Pen

I also used Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser for the breast pump, breast milk containers, and baby bottles. My hands get so irritated, sore, and dries out with household dishwashing liquid. Cradle was gentle enough on my hands, so I know it'll the same on my breastfeeding essentials. It's made from natural and edible ingredients found in plant extracts. Safe yet highly effective in removing tough milk and residues, and in getting rid of foul odors from feeding bottles, bottle nipples and other accessories. Cradle is so safe, you can even use it to wash fruit and vegetables.

Available in 700ml and 200ml Travel size Bottles, 500ml and 150ml Refill Packs
Win P 1,000 worth of Baby Products from Cycles and Cradle!

To share the same gentle care Cycles and Cradle provides my little one and thousands of other Cycles and Cradle babies, I am giving away a Gift Pack from Cycles and Cradle which contains the following:

Cycles Stain Soaker (500g)
Cycles Laundry Detergent Powder (1kg)
Cradle Toy and Surface Spray Cleanser (500ml)
Cradle Baby Bottle and Nipple Cleanser (700ml)

Just follow the steps on Rafflecopter below and get to experience the same gentle and motherly care Cycles and Cradle provides us Cycles and Cradle babies and moms.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Cycles and Cradle are available at the following:
Alabang Supermarket
Baby & Co. / Nursery Care
Cash & Carry Dept Store
Cash & Carry Supermarket
Landmark Dept Store
Landmark Supermarket
Robinsons Supermarket *
Savemore *
SM Supermarket *
Super SM Hypermarket
Rustans Dept Store
Rustans Supermarket
Waltermart *

CVC Cainta, Malinta, Valenzuela, Caloocan
Infanticipation Filinvest Alabang
Jumbo Jenre DAU Pampanga
NE Pacific - Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija
Pioneer Superstore Mandaluyong
South Supermarket Alabang
Sta. Lucia Department Store Cainta
Sta. Lucia Supermarket Cainta

* selected branches only

Metro Gaisano
Gaisano Grand
Park Mall
Island City Mall Bohol
Lee Plaza Dumaguete

Gaisano Mall
Victoria Plaza Department Store
KCC Mall

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